Using an industrial grill

A grill device is a device that can be grilled by placing food on it without the need for oil. The use of grill devices is very high, especially among industrial kitchen equipment, and you can grill all kinds of meat and vegetables with it in the most convenient way and in the shortest time. There are different types of industrial grills, each of which has specific features and functions.

Industrial grill devices of kitchens and food industries are used for gentle cooking of food without being in the vicinity of the direct heat of gas flame, which minimizes the possibility of damage to the texture of food and the loss of nutritious compounds inside it. The charcoal grill is used for grilling without oil and the oil grill is used for frying food with oil. The oil grill machine is also divided into flat (smooth) and semi-grooved.

Types of industrial grill devices

In recent years, the grill device has become one of the most important equipments in industrial kitchens due to the healthy and fast cooking of food, different types of this device:

Gas grill

As it can be seen from the name of this type of device, its fuel is gas and it is much cheaper than electric grill. This device is simply turned on using a push lighter and its screen starts to heat up. The heat of the plate spreads evenly throughout the device, and by placing the desired ingredients on the device, they can be grilled without adding oil. The gas grill device with the ability to control the temperature and heat of the anvil preserves the nutritional value and quality of food and prevents them from burning. In addition, in materials where the gas pressure is too high and there is a possibility of the device igniting, the gas is automatically cut off to prevent accidents.

Charcoal grill

Charcoal grill devices are devices with a grooved cast iron plate, which use coal to transfer heat and cook food.

Charcoal grill devices with electric or gas function are produced in two forms, desktop and standing, in different dimensions of 60 and 90 cm. This device cooks meat and steak in the best way by transferring indirect heat in an integrated way. The double-walled and stainless steel top of the device and the fireproof polyamide volumes have increased its appearance quality. Using a stainless steel oil tray on the bottom of the machine, you can drain the excess oil from food.

Combined grill

Combined grill devices, with the same technical specifications as the mentioned examples, are a combination of two models of charcoal (with magnetic stone and alloy steel) and oil (flat) grill devices, which are produced in two sizes of 60 and 90 cm.

This device is for grilling all kinds of food at the same time and you can put each of them on the charcoal plate or the bed of the device according to their texture and degree of cooking. Most restaurants, industrial kitchens, halls and fast food restaurants use this device to grill food.