Using pizza dough

In all restaurants and fast food, the use of rolling dough is essential. Because due to the high volume of orders, a device should be used that can be used to prepare the orders of customers faster.

The issue of pizza dough is an important issue. If pizza dough is not used fresh, the taste of a delicious pizza will be lost. Likewise, it cannot be ignored that when the number of customers increases, we must increase the speed of pizza cooking. We can attract more customers.

After preparing the dough and cutting it into pieces with a certain weight, which should be chosen according to the type of pizza (Italian or American) and also its diameter, we reach one of the most difficult steps of pizza cooking, which is spreading the pizza dough. This process is achieved in the traditional cooking of Italian pizza with the palm of the hand and applying a circular motion on the pizza dough, but doing this by hand in large numbers is very time-consuming and exhausting. For this reason, the use of flat dough has become common in most of today’s fast foods, and it has made the work of spreading the dough very simple.

The operation of this machine is continuous and the number of kneading is proportional to the speed of the machine operator.

Dough spreaders are generally in two general categories:
Single roll (with a pair of rollers)
Two rolls (with two pairs of rollers)

In the single roll type, a pair of rollers, which are generally made of compressed plastic, is located in the front (or top) of the machine, and the operator must first pull the dough slightly to both sides with his hand, and then gently push it between the two rollers that are being rolled. They are spinning, throw. Now, the rollers pull the dough in and take it out from the bottom of the machine, of course, in the second step, the dough can be turned 90 degrees and put back into the rollers to get a completely round dough, or you can With the help of hand, he made it almost round because the dough that comes out once between the two rollers, becomes an oval shape.

There are two pairs of rollers in the dough spreader, one in the upper part and the other in the lower part of the machine.

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