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Using pizza dough

In all restaurants and fast food, the use of rolling dough is essential. Because due to the high volume of orders, a device should be used that can be used to prepare the orders of

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Industrial kitchen appliances

Setting up a restaurant includes various steps, one of the most important of which is the purchase of kitchen equipment. The equipment and devices that you buy to operate in such a business must have

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Using an industrial grill

A grill device is a device that can be grilled by placing food on it without the need for oil. The use of grill devices is very high, especially among industrial kitchen equipment, and you

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Hygiene tips for industrial kitchens

The cleanliness of industrial kitchens is very important and has become more important today because food contaminated with viruses can be the source of infectious diseases such as corona, but by following hygiene tips, the

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How to set up an industrial kitchen

Due to the change in people’s lifestyles and their use of ready-to-eat foods, many people have thought of creating and setting up an industrial kitchen, and this has led to an increase in the formation

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Interior design of restaurants

One of the things that increase and attract customers is the layout and interior design of the restaurant. In fact, the delicious food and the beautiful appearance complement the growth of the restaurant and each

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How to become a famous restaurant?

Becoming famous in any field requires attracting the opinions of others, and according to the famous saying (musk is what you smell, not what the perfumer says), which means that in order to be popular,

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Optimal use of kitchen space

The presence of order and discipline in any environment is important, especially in a space like a restaurant kitchen, firstly because it is a space where food is cooked, and if it is not orderly

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