How to prepare restaurant pizza dough

Ever since the grill devices entered the market and we got to know how to grill food! You can prepare a variety of grilled foods and enjoy eating them. It is possible to cook these dishes even on the balcony and on the roof of the apartments.

Grilled eggplant

Eggplant is one of the foods that can be grilled. Grilled foods such as eggplant are a good choice for lunch. You can eat eggplant with bread. It is interesting to know that you can make a topping of mozzarella and parmesan for grilled eggplant. If you are fond of cheesy dishes, this method may appeal to you.

Grilled chicken breast

Chicken breast is another type of grilled food. To prepare this dish, mix the chicken pieces with yogurt, lemon juice, coriander, olive oil, garlic, paprika, cinnamon, and salt and pepper. Then keep it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

After that, grill the chicken pieces on high heat. But be careful not to burn. After grilling both sides, place them on low heat and close the grill lid. After a few minutes, the chicken pieces are well cooked and ready to eat. This method can be a good alternative to roast chicken at home.

Greeley’s Pizza

Some of the dishes we cook in the oven can also be included in the list of the best grill dishes. For example, pizza can be one of the delicious grilled foods.

Of course, you should be careful not to burn the pizza when grilling. Apply olive oil on both sides of the pizza and roast it on direct heat for one to two minutes. Then place it on your pizza paper and add the ingredients to it and grill it once more. At this stage, the cheese should melt. It will be ready to eat now.

Grilled shrimp

Shrimp can be the best food for the grill. Cooking it this way is very simple. It is better to choose large shrimps for grilling.

Small shrimps are harder to grill. Put the shrimp in honey and olive oil. Grease the grill plates with grapeseed oil. Grill the shrimps.
Grilled foods are healthy and delicious.

Today, grilling food is one of the best ways to cook food. Grilled foods require little oil and taste very delicious.